WAKS | Wood The Nature Candle
  • WAKS | Wood The Nature Candle
  • WAKS | Wood The Nature Candle
  • WAKS | Wood The Nature Candle

WAKS | Wood The Nature Candle


The nature candle 

These minimal, natural looking wood containers, blend beautifully in a simple, modern interior. They can be refilled by choosing one of our three beautiful scents.


Orange. The zesty, sparkling and delicious smell of freshly cut orange. It invigorates the senses, awakening the body and the mind.

Head Notes: orange, grapefruit
Heart Notes: blackcurrant, apple
Base Notes: peach, cedarwood

Amber. A warm, deep intoxicating scent that transcends time and place, instantly transporting you to a lively, spicy oriental market.Perfect to complement a moment of daydreaming or to change your mood from day to night, filling the room.

Head Notes: Apple
Heart Notes: Geranium, Sweet Floral
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Olibanum

Fig Leaf. The soft sensation of golden sun rays on the skin after a morning dip in the sea, the sunlight peeking through the fig trees as you walk down a sandy pathway. All sense of time disappears as you breathe in the sweet, fruity scent of the fig leaves, soothing and reminiscent. Memories of past summers come to mind, succeeded by the longing for summers to come.

Head Notes: green, thyme, fig, red fruit
Heart Notes: fig, ylang ylang, coconut
Base Notes: cedarwood, vanilla

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