NIWAKI |  SK Higonokami Folding Knife

NIWAKI | SK Higonokami Folding Knife


Traditional Japanese set folding pocket knife made by Kanekoma with a hand forged 3" folded SK steel blade. No locking device, no corkscrew, not even tweezers…whatever next?

The black nickel handle starts off shiny but soon mellows to a lovely rich patina. Quite a stiff action that loosens with time, and can be retightened with a sharp rap on the rivet with a hammer.

Wear it in the optional heavy duty leather belt sheath.

The Niwaki Higo knives are hand made by Kanekoma, 5th generation knife makers in Miki, down in Hyogo Prefecture. Founded in 1894, early knives were called higonokami because a lot of customers were from Kumamoto, an area previously known as Higo. In 1910 the name was registered, and only makers in the Miki region could use it, and Kanekoma are now the last of those makers.

In an industry known for hanging on to traditions, their factory is one the most traditional we’ve come across - which means small, dark and cluttered!

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