Niwaki | Ryoba Saw 240mm
  • Niwaki | Ryoba Saw 240mm
  • Niwaki | Ryoba Saw 240mm

Niwaki | Ryoba Saw 240mm


Double sided general purpose carpenter’s saw, with finer teeth on one side for cross cutting, and bigger teeth on the other for ripping. Like all Japanese saws, the cutting is all done on the pull stroke. The teeth on the ripping side get progressively smaller, and the pitch finer, nearer the handle, for starting off cuts.

The SK-5 steel goes through the traditional heat treatment process of oil quenching, meaning the blades can be resharpened with the Saw File over time.

Once you’ve tried Japanese saws for woodworking, you’ll never look back - but a small degree of care and discipline is called for to get started, as is the case with many Japanese tools. Handle carefully, saw in a smooth action, and avoid very hard woods.

  • 148g
  • 596 x 98 x 19mm
  • 244mm blades
  • SK-5 steel
  • Magnolia handles
  • Made in Japan
  • In Stock - Available to dispatch worldwide, contact us for showroom stock availability

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