NIWAKI | Combination Stone 1000/3000

NIWAKI | Combination Stone 1000/3000


Niwaki Combination Stone #1000/3000
Japanese Waterstone

A great general purpose whetstone for everyday use

A cracking all-rounder Japanese whetstone. Use the #1000 (the red ochre one) for general use, and finish off with the #3000 (yellowish brown). Soak for five minutes before use and splash with water during use to keep wet.

Whatever you do - don’t drop them.

Handle Japanese knives carefully - the steel is brittle. Don’t cut bones, don’t use on hard surfaces, don’t chuck them about and don’t put them in the dishwasher. Handle them like you handle your wine glasses and you’ll be fine.

  • Hand wash

  • Avoid soaking - especially the traditional style knives, as it expands the wooden handles

  • Dry thoroughly

  • Store individually

  • Wipe over with Camellia Oil if not using regularly

  • Sharpen every two weeks or so of regular use

  • Use the Niwaki Combination Stone for everyday sharpening

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