Niwaki | Higashigata Hatchet

Niwaki | Higashigata Hatchet



Higashigata Hatchet
Masakari Carpenter’s Axe

Lovely small axe for wood sculpting.

Bearded carving axe for carpenters and sculptors - for detailed work, hold it right up at the top.

As with all Japanese tools with wooden handles, varying humidty levels can cause the head to work loose. Tap the wedge in to keep it tight.

Most of our sharp tools are made from carbon steel - this means they will, through regular use, stain (and eventually rust) and gradually lose their edge. Caring for them involves three things…

1. Correct Use:

  • Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to - it will chip if abused

  • Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material (even bamboo fibres and some very hard woods, especially knots and burrs, can damage steel edges)

  • Do not twist or apply uneven pressure

  • Cut diagonally across branches (not straight across) so you cut along the fibres

  • Pay attention to our maximum cut dimensions, and don’t overdo it (shears are not loppers)

  • Use the base of the blades, not the tips, for heavier cuts

2. Keeping Them Clean:

  • Remove leaf resin, rust and gunk with a Crean Mate and water

  • Dry, wipe over with Camellia oil and store in a dry place

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