KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense
  • KU | Leaf Incense

KU | Leaf Incense


An innovative form of smell that paints the air

“Ku” is a washi (Japanese paper) that releases fragrance without a need to be burned. Designed collaboratively by the incense masters in Awaji Island, “Ku” has been created by delicately mixing the natural perfumes within the paper and then spreading it out in a thin layer to dry. Now you can enjoy the Japanese culture of "soradaki": the pleasure of enjoying a faint distant bouquet that floats between spaces.

Whether it be on the walls designing the space you are in, or included within letters to loved ones so as to share delightful scents, or to simply enjoy the surroundings by burning a subtly sophisticated incense, “Ku” becomes an essential soothing part of your “Ku” life.


A refreshing, fresh botanical scent with a hint of astringency and spiciness.

Ylang Ylang

It has a rich sweet scent and is an oriental image.

Tea Tree

With a woody scent, it is said to have the power to refresh and revive the mind.


With a sweet scent, it has various effects, including a calming and soothing effect.


A citrus scent that can be used outdoors and in the cool evening as an insect repellent.


A mint-like scent is included in the slightly sweet floral fragrance.

Marin Woody

A scent that makes you feel the refreshing sea breeze.

Japanese cypress

It has a relaxing scent that makes you feel like you are in the woods, which is familiar to Japanese people.

Please be sure to read before using
  • Be careful with fire handling, please do not leave the side while lighting this product.
  • When using as incense, please be sure to put the included incense mat on an ashtray etc.
  • Please discard ashes remaining in incense mat after use.
  • It is not food. Please keep it out of reach of infants, especially.
  • To prevent alteration, please avoid storing in hot and humid places.

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