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Natural & Simple. By Wood work artist Koji Hori born in Japan in 1974 a self taught craftsmen and artist  in woodworking and technology. His work manly consists of beautiful Japanese hand carved and crafted tableware.    trays, bowls cups and plates. Every piece a unique practical object and utility. Buy good things. Own them along time.


Made in Japan 

Do not use in dishwasher, rinse with warm water and wipe dry.


Note from Artist

The concept of my work is natural and simple. I would like to create environmentally friendly and long-lasting products using natural materials. There is a sense of "useful beauty" in Japanese aesthetic sense. It has been a beauty that Japanese people have found in tools in their lives. The beauty of the aging that comes out every day as it is used. It is a heart that makes you feel that things that are old and decay are beautiful. In this way, I want to make something that enhances beauty over many years. I want my work to look like this "beauty of use". And about simplicity. I would like to make simple lines that look beautiful without making gorgeous decorations. The design is simple because I want to make the best use of the characteristics of the material. It's simple, but I'll give it a little life so that I won't get tired of it. These consciousnesses have something to do with "Wabi-Sabi" in Japan. And it gives kindness and richness to life. These are the goals of my work.

Thank you Kouji Hori

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