Art | Chan Dick | The Trek | Greater Omentum | Framed | 30 x 33.5cm

Art | Chan Dick | The Trek | Greater Omentum | Framed | 30 x 33.5cm



(Commercial fine art photographer) Hong Kong

The Trek 2018 Photographic Art Prints

ANATOMY | Greater Omentum


SIZE | 30 x 33.5cm

Chan collaborated with the Medical School of the University of Hong Kong by photographing their collection of human specimens. He produced an aesthetic set of images called “The Trek”, which challenges the common perception of the topic by the general public. The work was published as a photo book. It was placed Third Overall at the International Photography Awards (IPA), and won a Gold Prize at the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA).

Inside the human body is a hidden landscape, an incredible sight to behold. Switch on your imagination and look - isn't that a flower, a tree, a river valley? Did you spot the contour of a mountain, or the mouth of a volcano, the origin of life as some would describe it to be?

Whatever you see - a crocodile, the stem of a plant, a piece of lace fabric, an unknown planet, or even a flying spaceship - they all come from human anatomical specimens of ages gone, of times past, but somehow still invigorated with life. Each piece is unique, just like every human being is, leading viewers on a trek to rediscover our extraordinary body that is a universe in itself.

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