BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag
  • BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag
  • BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag
  • BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag
  • BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag

BLACK+BLUM | Lunch Bag

A 6.7L | 235 fl oz insulated lunch bag, made from recycled PET (things like plastic bottles). It is big enough to carry all your food and drink on-the-go items, such as a lunch box, water bottle, fruit and snacks.
  • Welded/sealed edge construction makes it leakproof
  • Insulating inner surface will keep contents cool
  • Food safe and water repellent inner surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Roll top construction, makes it easy to carry, compact or strap to another bag, or bicycle handlebars
      • LBB010 (Olive), LBB015 (Slate), LBB017 (Black)
      • Iron (hook), polypropylene (strap), Recycled PET (outer fabric), PEVA (BPA and food safe inner lining)
      • 6.7L | 235 fl oz
      • Weight: 141g/0.31lbs
      • Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 31cm / 7.9in x 5.9in x 12.2in
      • Hand wash only
      • Can I put cutlery in the lunch bag?
        Yes, but be careful with placing very sharp or pointy cutlery directly into your lunch bag, as this could cut and damage the inner lining and affect it’s ability to be leak proof.

        Can I wash the Lunch Bag in a washing machine?
        No, hand wash only.

        Is the bag insulated?
        The bag won't keep your food or drinks warm, but if cold, they will keep them cool for up to two hours* (*subject to outside temperature). Use an ice pack to keep contents colder for longer.

        Is the bag leakproof?
        Yes, the bag is welded/sealed on the edges and will not leak small amounts of liquid. It is designed to protect against spills escpaing the bag from bottles or lunch boxes, but not to carry liquids.

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