APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE | Incense Sticks | Oakmoss & Amber

APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE | Incense Sticks | Oakmoss & Amber


Apotheke Fragrance is a handmade home fragrance brand where all process from blending to packaging are carefully completed/done in its own studio in Chiba, Japan.

Family: Aromatic
Accord: Aromatic Fougere
Notes: Add a sage and lavender in herb and amber-type aroma to luxuriant woody musk fragrance.This aroma is perfect for everyone regardless of age or gender.

Bamboo stick incense made by hand in Japan.
Each stick burns 100+ minutes and scents a large space for Hours.

Made in Japan / 25 sticks / 13 “Long / Packaged in thick kraft Tube with Cork Closure / Letterpress Printed Label

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