APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE | Closet Tag | Tanner

APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE | Closet Tag | Tanner



In the 18th century, the tannery industry had rapidly developed. Glasse in southern France flourished as a well-known source of perfume because they perfumed leather products to mask the peculiar smell. Our Tanner is leathery, sophisticated and unisex scent inspired by the local tanner in those days.

Leather / Birch Tar / Saffron / Thyme / Frankincense / Jasmine / Amber / Wood

This is a paper air freshener. Hang it in the desired space (e.g. closet bar, doorknob, towel rail), and enjoy the scent produced.

Made in Japan / Fragrance (Parfum)/ Thick Paper / Aluminum-metallized film bag / 1pc / Fragrant Period: One Month; however, this may vary depending on the actual environment. / 90mm x 210mm

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