10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI
  • 10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI
  • 10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI
  • 10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI
  • 10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI
  • 10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI

10 JIU | Aluminium Plant Pot | HACHI


Bring NATURE & HOMELIFE closer together

Feeling more connected to greenery in your home life.
Fujita Metal MFG Co., Ltd, a small-town factory in Osaka, and TENT, a small design office in Tokyo, have repeated trial and error, and finally came up with this masterpiece, the Plant Pot “HACHI” 

Smart integration of a plant pot and saucer

A plant pot and saucer are generally two separated items up until now. By adopting the idea of t he dual structure, they are now smartly combined into one. The inner pot holds a plant and soil, and the outer pot receives excess water.

Easy to carry in one hand

This easy carrying plant pot with an integrated saucer will never make you feel troublesome carrying it with you again. Thanks to dual structured and ultra-light aluminum body, feeling connected with your favorite plant is easier than ever!

Thirty-three holes to create a comfortable environment for plants

Fresh air passes through thirty-three vents, which are located on the top inner surface, and they help not to interfere plants to breath from roots.
The integral structure makes it so easy to throw out excess water and reduce a risk of roots rot.

The outer pot also can be used for soaking the inner pot for a while when necessary.

“MADE IN OSAKA” From mold making to surface finish

From mold making and material processing to alumite treatment to engraving, all manufacturing process es are completed in Osaka, Japan.
It is the completely new plant pot with delicate appearance like a beautiful precision equipment.

Find the perfect fit Available in 2 different sizes

It is available in two common sizes: 2 ½” inner diameter (6cm) and 3” inner diameter (9cm). 2 ½” is suitable for limited space such as bedside tables and work desks. 3” is a right size for your dining table or larger plants.

For your work and home life Be more connected to nature

Offering cleanness and portability, the dual structure helps to hide soil or excess water and there is no risk of spilling it while carrying the plant pot to your work desk or dining table. You can be with your favorite plant anywhere, anytime.

Which plant would you choose to grow in the Plant Pot “HACHI”?

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