CRUSO | Notes 90
  • CRUSO | Notes 90
  • CRUSO | Notes 90
  • CRUSO | Notes 90

CRUSO | Notes 90


Shelves made out of oak.
Wall mount made out of steel.
Available in 3 lengths.

Product benefits
Easy maintenance
Protective coating for easy maintenance. Just use a damp or dry cloth to wipe out stains.
Flat packing
The product is delivered in a flatpack card board box for limiting logistics and storage volume. Thus it needs to be mounted only requiring a standard tool (provided).
Natural wood
The product is main of plain wood with the minimum additive. An environment-friendly product.
The product has been designed to match professional requirements. The product is office environment ready.
Soft touch
Edges have been uniquely sanded and rounded to provide a softer touch.

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