OHASHI | Mast Eco Humidifier (S)
  • OHASHI | Mast Eco Humidifier (S)
  • OHASHI | Mast Eco Humidifier (S)

OHASHI | Mast Eco Humidifier (S)


Wake up every day to the hint of fresh evergreens in the air. Enjoy the crisp scent and smooth, soft touch of wood. Made entirely from the treasured Japanese Cypress, our environmentally friendly products give you more than just the gift of design.

The name of this series speaks to our wish for the Masu to become a widely known product. This line of interior décor items is both unique and practical.

An all-natural humidifier, MAST adds moisture and the subtle fragrance of cypress through natural evaporation. When used, MAST delivers moisture into the air ten times faster than just leaving water in a bowl.

The name comes from its appearance, which resembles a sailboat and its mast. Fill the boat with water, and the mast will absorb and spread the moisture along with a crisp cypress scent.

The natural color of wood and its aesthetic shape is great as an accent to your living room.

Because MAST is made from natural cypress, the color of the product may change over time. Spare masts are available in case of damage or discoloration. Please feel free to contact us.

Material: Japanese Hinoki Cypress

Handmade in Japan

Size: S/50mm (D)x160mm (W)x140mm (H)

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