K-NARF | MILLEPERTUIS | 9 Slide | 32x26cm

K-NARF | MILLEPERTUIS | 9 Slide | 32x26cm


K-NARF MILLEPERTUIS including 9 slide-mount artworks with wood frame 32x26cm


French/Japanese artist-duo K-NARF & SHOKO have been documenting ordinary plants and flowers nearby their Tokyo and Kyoto studios for the past few years to create an extra-ordinary collection made of small, medium, and large formats TAPE-O-GRAPHS. From small projects to large scale installations, they self-produce everything in their studio with simple tools and materials, predominantly from local ¥100 stores, DIY, and office supply shops. 

K-NARF & SHOKO create playful photographic worlds halfway in between reality and imagination where past, present, and future are always interconnected. Transforming the ordinary of the everyday life into extra-ordinary photographic projects, their work is achieved with an innovative approach to photography based on TAPE-O-GRAPHY; a néo-analogue processing technique invented by K-NARF in 2008 and directly affiliated to the Bricolage Art Movement. It involves a manual transfer of photograph from an archival 'Giclé' print onto clear adhesive tape. Irregularities and imperfections that occur during this process makes each tape-o-graph unique, with editions of the same photograph are therefore called “Original Multiples”.

In collaboration with Bridge & Hill Livingstore, a special exhibition will be held with a selection of original artworks. This marks the duo's first exhibition in London.

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Collections of multiples are individually mounted in paper slides. Medium size prints are in limited edition of 5 Original multiple, and the large format TAPE-O-GRAPH is one of a kind. They are presented in a classic wooden Japanese frames prepared and shipped from K-NARF & SHOKO’s studio in Kyoto. 

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