FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern
  • FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern

FEUERHAND | Hurricane Lantern

For over 125 years, Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns stand for non-electric, warm-white light made in Germany. 
he special design of the Hurricane Lantern renders it so unique – and a reliable light source for your garden in any weather. With its extremely temperature-resistant and shatterproof glass, the Baby Special 276 is an utterly reliable light for emergency and orientation. Its calm flame pattern will guide you at all times, wherever you want to enjoy your evenings outside.

What is a Hurricane Lantern?

A Hurricane Lantern sheds independent and reliable light outside: The lanterns referred to as "primary light sources" are powered by petroleum or highly pure Lamp Oil.

This is enabled by a special cold blast system.

The heart of the Hurricane Lantern is a Tank with mounted Burner with Wick. If you fill the Tank with high-quality Lamp Oil, your Hurricane Lantern will have the necessary energy to provide its reliable light for hours on end. Due to the low fuel consumption, it has an amazingly long burning time of up to 20 hours per tank filling.

The name Hurricane Lantern indicates weather resistance: The shatterproof glass shields the flame and keeps it safe from wind and rain so that its steady and calm flame pattern is well protected.

This renders the Hurricane Lantern a very special light source that brightens your balcony, terrace or garden without electricity. Thus, all is clear for relaxed summer evenings and long conversation until dawn.
By the way, by means of the Feuerhand Transport Bag you can take your lantern wherever you need constant light, safely and in style. The strong ripstop fabric and the additional padding ensure for your Hurricane Lantern to stands securely inside the Transport Bag.

Which is the best Lamp Oil for the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern?

If you own a Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern, you know that it will shed reliable light on your path no matter what. In return, your Hurricane Lantern does not ask much of you. When it comes to Lamp Oil, however, you can do it some good: Lamp Oils are available in different quality and price classes. For your Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern it is best if it is operated with a high-quality Lamp Oil of a high fuel purity. With the right Lamp Oil, you not only avoid unpleasant odours, but also protect parts such as the glass cylinder from sooting. The Feuerhand Lamp Oil is the perfect match for your Hurricane Lantern. The colourless liquid fuel is characterised by low odour and soot formation due to its high purity.

The advantages of Feuerhand Lamp Oil for your Hurricane Lantern:

  • The Flat Cotton Wick absorbs the fuel optimally
  • The life of your cotton wick is prolonged noticeably
  • With the Lamp Oil, your Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern is guaranteed to have a steady and calm flame pattern
  • Particularly easy and drip-free filling thanks to filler neck
  • Safe storage and protection thanks to child-proof lock on the lid

Feuerhand Lamp Oil is the best choice for your Hurricane Lantern. With a single tank filling it provides constant light for about 20 hours.

How to extinguish a Hurricane Lantern?

You can easily extinguish the flame of your Hurricane Lantern. On the side of the burner is a rotating handle you can use to easily adjust the wick height. To extinguish the flame, use this rotating handle to carefully turn the lantern wick into the burner until you can almost no longer see the wick. If you now turn the wick out of the burner again, you can see whether the flame has really gone out.

As you can see, it is not difficult to extinguish the flame of your Hurricane Lantern. You will find further useful information on operating your Hurricane Lantern in the user manual.

How long does a Hurricane Lantern burn?

A crucial factor for the burning time of your Hurricane Lantern is the tank volume. The tank of your Hurricane Lantern holds 300 ml. With just one tank filling of fuel, you can keep your Hurricane Lantern lit continuously for about 20 hours. This way, the Baby Special 276 with its low fuel consumption will reliably stand by your side for a long time before refilling becomes necessary. By using high-purity Lamp Oil you will encourage soot-free burning and enjoy a steady and calm flame pattern during the entire period of use.

What is a petroleum lamp?

The Hurricane Lantern is a petroleum lamp and, like all petroleum lamps, is operated with a liquid fuel (petroleum). The Hurricane Lantern thus provides you with reliable and long-lasting light, independent of any electricity source. The Baby Special 276 is probably the best known of these and was already used in the early years for street or construction site lighting. Today, the Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern is still manufactured in Germany. The simple and effective principle captures the zeitgeist with a claim to sustainability. The special feature of the Hurricane Lantern is its open system, also known as the cold blast system, continuously supplieing the flame with oxygen to be kept alive permanently.

How is a Hurricane Lantern designed and how does it work?

The Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern owes its functionality to five key components:

  • tank
  • glass
  • burner with wick
  • chimney
  • side pieces

These components render the Hurricane Lantern a reliable light sourde and are the basis for the open cold blast system.
This is how the cold blast system of the Hurricane Lantern works:

  1. Between the inner and outer section of the chimney, fresh air is fed into the hollow side pieces.
  2. The side pieces are heated by the radiating heat of the lantern flame and that of the glass. The heat is transferred to the air inside the side pieces. Thus, heated air reaches the tank and the burner via the side pieces. 
  3. From there, they supply the flame at the end of the wick in the burner with sufficient oxygen for combustion. 
  4. The resulting hot combustion air rises upwards in the glass and can escape again via the chimney.

Due to the constant oxygen supply, the flame shines much brighter than with other structures. As a result, your Hurricane Lantern can perfectly illuminate your garden, terrace or balcony – Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns provide you with steady and calm light.
Structure and function of the Hurricane Lantern at a glance:

Hurricane Lantern Operating Principle

Is my Lantern leaking?

The reason your Lantern can spread its calm and bright light is because it is constantly supplied with fresh air. Your Lantern is an open system (cold air system), because this is the only way to guarantee the air supply. If you have the feeling that your Lantern might be leaking, we have a few tips to help you find out whether your Lantern is working as it should.

If your Lantern appears to be leaking oil or feels oily, there can be several reasons for this:

1.    Overfilling
A common cause of oil leakage is filling the tank up too high. The tank of the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern holds 300 ml. If you accidentally add too much oil, some of it may leak from the tank lid or escape through the burner. No need to worry: Your lantern is not defective, but possibly slightly overfilled. In order not to exceed the filling level, simply follow the instructions in the user manual. Thus, you can quickly remedy the leakage of your lantern.

2.    Too much movement and change of position
Once you have filled your lantern, leave it standing or hanging upright at best and do not move it around. Your lantern has small openings that ensure for sufficient air supply. If you move your Lantern when filled, the fuel inside your lantern could leak as it sloshes back and forth.

Of course, your lantern is fully intact. For one thing is sure: If the Lantern stays in place, the oil does too. Try to limit the movement of your lantern to a minimum. Tip: If you take your lantern somewhere else, make sure you first empty the tank. That way, you reduce the risk of your lantern leaking to a minimum.

3.    Temperature variations and changes
If you keep your Hurricane Lantern in the same place and are sure it is not overfilled, but it still has an oily film on the surface, there could be another reason why your lantern is leaking: the temperature. In warm temperatures on the terrace or balcony, the Lamp Oil in your Lantern expands, in colder temperatures it contracts.

This, however, is barely noticeable. Nevertheless, inside your Hurricane Lantern, temperature changes can cause oil to leak, especially if it is cold at night and hot during the day. If this is the case, you can be sure that everything is fine with your Hurricane Lantern. If you cannot keep your Lantern in a place where it will not be affected by temperature variations, simply empty the tank after use. This is the easiest way to prevent unwanted leakage of Lamp Oil.

4.    Wick is turned out too far when not in use
The rapid ignition of the wick tip is the result of capillary forces. They are responsible for the Lamp Oil being transported to the end of the wick. However, this also means that the wick transports oil upwards when the Lantern is not in use. If your wick sticks out a little too far, the oil that is transported upwards can leak out above the burner. To avoid this, you can simply turn the wick back a little further until you can almost no longer see it, then the oil can no longer escape.

As you can see, there can be different reasons why fuel may leak out of your Hurricane Lantern and make it appear to be leaking. However, this does not limit the functionality of your lantern and in most cases you can easily fix the problem yourself in a very short time. If you still have doubts, you can of course contact our customer service.

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