OHASHI | Apollo Wine Masu | Woodcraft
  • OHASHI | Apollo Wine Masu | Woodcraft
  • OHASHI | Apollo Wine Masu | Woodcraft

OHASHI | Apollo Wine Masu | Woodcraft


This Masu box is named after its distinct shape, resembling the NASA spaceships that ventured to the moon some decades ago.

There seems to be a special power to the hexagonal shape, and it has been used in countless structures for centuries.

The Apollo Masu is narrowed toward the top, ideal for capturing the delicate aroma of wine.

Feel free to use the Apollo Masu as a vessel for wine or as a small bowl for appetizers.  

Size:40〜45mm (W)×11mm (H)

  • Material: Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
  • Made in  Japan

Usage and Care

  • Hand wash only
    Use soft sponge and mild dish soap
  • Avoid using hot water and dish soap to prevent masu from losing its Japanese Cypress fresh fragrance.
  • Dry completely before storing 

For over 60 years Ohishi company has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted “Masu” boxes in Ogaki, Japan. Over 80% of all Masu boxes produced are made in Ogaki city, also a major manufacturing center of Hinoki lumber. Made from excess lumber that comes out of thinning, the Masu boxes are entirely environmentally friendly.

Wake up every day to the hint of fresh evergreens in the air. Enjoy the crisp scent and smooth, soft touch of wood. Made entirely from the treasured Japanese Cypress, our environmentally friendly products give you more than just the gift of design.

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